Parmele Post Rehab Exercise and Massage

post rehab

Mobility Exercises

Shoulder and Thoracic Mobility

Foam Roll First!

Quadruped Shoulder

Bent Over Trunk Rotations

Angles on Foam Roller

Staggered Active Toe
Touches Same Side

Cross Arm Swings

Cobra w/ Thoracic Rotation

Modified Cobra w/ Thoracic Rotation

Elbow to Elbow Rotations

Chest Openers on Foam Roller

Standing Trunk Rotations

Back Leans with Rotation

Kneeling Side Bends

Arm Drops on Foam Roller

Foam Roll Crunch

Standing Thoracic Openers

Spinal Rotations

Kneeling Hip Pushes

Kneeling Trunk Rotations

T Spine Rolls

Standing Front Hip Rotations

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