Parmele Post Rehab Exercise and Massage

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Massage Membership Policy

Membership options

1 Massage a month

There are no additional costs, the payment is for the massage. There will be an availability of 12 memberships

  • 60 min – $80
  • 75 min – $90
  • 90 min – $110
  • 120 min – $150
2 Massages/month– Cannot be combined 


  • 45 min – $110 savings $20
  • 60 min – $150 savings $30
  • 75 min – $160  savings $30
  • 90 min –$200  savings $40
  • 120 min – $280 savings $40

Monthly Massage Package

  • There is a minimum of 6 months commitment for the membership
  • Payment we be set on Autodraft for the day you sign up
  • Membership can be canceled anytime after the 6 month period 
  • Prices may be subject to change based on pricing changes 
  • After a membership plan is canceled, you will have to wait a minimum of 6 months in order to begin a new membership plan. 
  • You may only cancel initial membership then start another membership (after 6 months) one time. If the second membership plan is canceled you will not be permitted to sign up for another membership
  • Massages can be rolled over for a max of 2 times during a 6 month period  if a month is missed. If you are unable to consistently keep your massages monthly, you may miss the opportunity to make up the massages.
  • For the one monthly massage membership, you cannot have more than 2 membership massages in a month (no more than 2 make up sessions)
  • During any 6 month period, for a 1 massage/monthly membership you are allowed to transfer 2 massages to a friend or family member. 2 out of the 6 massages for that period.
  • For the 2 massage monthly package, you are able to split them with a friend or family member, however, it must be the same person every month (not someone new each month). If you would like to pass a massage to a family member or friend, you may do so up to 2 times during the 6 month period. So 2 out of the 12 massages.
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