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Massage Therapy

Parmele Massage

Massage Therapy

Massage that focuses on the treatment of injuries/previous injuries resulting from work, sports, accidents, etc. We use massage techniques that works on any muscles that may be the source of pain, tension, or dysfunction that you are experiencing and uses trigger point therapy, deep tissue, positional release and myofascial release techniques.

The thing about our massages is that they are THOROUGH! There are so many different muscles that could be contribiting to the tension, pain, limited range of motion you’re experiencing and it’s our job to work on all the muscles that may be involved.  I am known for working on muscles you likely have never had worked on before.  After your session you will receive a homework card filled with foam rolling/release techniques, stretches and exercises for you to do in order to help manage whatever pain or discomfort you came in with.


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