Parmele Post Rehab Exercise and Massage

post rehab

More than just a group exercise class. This is a group exercise class filled with education on how to manage the following conditions: Diabetes, Hypertension, Total Joint Replacements, Arthritis and Low back pain.

Each program will be 6 weeks in length and includes 8 sessions (75-90 minutes each). The price for each class is $240. Capacity per class is 8. 

group exercise


Learn how to manage and eliminate Type 2 Diabetes and hypertension through exercise.

Total Joint Replacement & Arthritis

Arthritis and Total joint replacements often go hand in hand. Arthritic changes can lead to bone loss, loss of function and pain. While bone loss and pain can often be managed without the need of surgery, loss of function will most definitely need to be treated with joint replacement surgery. If you have been diagnosed with arthritis, whether mild or severe, or if you have had a total joint replacement, this program will teach you how to manage both conditions.

Low Back Pain

Low back pain is very common unfortunately and often are the result of disc changes as you get older. This program will teach you how to manage a wide array of spinal conditions so you can bend, lift, twist etc with confidence.