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Stability, Function, Strength

My goal as a Medical Exercise Specialist and Licensed Massage Therapist is to eliminate your need for pain medication and injections, and help you become pain free through the use of movement. Resistance training, balance training, foam rolling, stretching, cardio (most don't like it but it's necessary!). These are methods I have used for my clients  and myself for 8+ years. My job is to take the confusion out of exercise training while also providing tips and tricks to help you manage pain long after you are finished with the program.  

The goal of these programs is to help you achieve your goals of being pain free and restore full function. We want to help you begin healthy daily habits to prevent dysfunction or pain from reoccurring.


Pain Management

online training program

Need a program for a specific joint? These programs are designed to restore function, strengthen your muscles and fix chronic pain through the use of strengthening exercises, stretching and mobility, and muscle release.


  • Shoulder
  • Knee
  • Hip
  • Low Back
  • Ankle
shoulder pain management program

Video Demonstrations

spinal stretch for exercise program

Images displaying stretches

General Training

General training is for those of you that may be dealing with chronic pain and would like to have a natural way of eliminating pain or you may be someone just getting started with exercise and you aren't sure where to begin. 


$250/ month to month

$600/ 3 Month Program  ($150 savings)

$1000/ 6 Month Program ($500 savings)

online training

active lifestyle for seniors

Are you retired/close to being retired and you want to remain or become more active? This program focuses on functional exercises, balance training, and mobility exercises designed to help you perform the daily activities you enjoy doing.


$200/month to month

$525/ 3 Month Program ($75 Savings)

$900/ 6 Month Program ($300 savings)

active lifestyle for seniors
general training

Strength training will be the foundation of the programs. The exercises will be geared towards getting you the best results for the goals you set for yourself.

stretches for hamstring

Stretching and mobility will be perfomed on a weekly basis. We need to keep the body moving to keep our joints lubricated and flexible so we can maintain function.

parm post rehab

You will learn several different muscle release techniques to help you improve your mobility, increase blood flow and improve muscle function.

Though it's not always fun, it's necessary! Cardio is not only good for the heart, it helps improve your muscles ability to utilize oxygen which allows you to have optimal muscle function during your workouts.

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jalen parmele
jalen parmele

Jalen Parmele

  • Medical Exercise Specialist
  • Licensed Massage Therapist
  • Functional Training Specialist
  • Orthopedic Exercise Specialist
  • Retired NFL Athlete
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